By Nora Hakramaj

AN ALLIGATOR wrangler dressed as superhero Deadpool courageously breaks up a fight between two gators going head-to-head over territory

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Videographer / director: Jason McDonald
Producer: Ed Baranski
Editor: Marcus Cooper

The man behind the mask was not Ryan Reynolds, who played the former Special Forces operative in the 2016 film of the Marvel comic series, but experienced gator wrestler Jason McDonald.

McDonald, 36 from Aurora, Colorado works at The Colorado Gator Farm and has been wrestling gators for 12 years - and says he has only been bitten once.

Most of the gators at the farm are confiscated pets, brought illegally by owners unable to care for them.

The farm was celebrating Gatorfest with the theme of superheroes - which explains Jason's odd wardrobe choice.

Despite his heroic costume, he says the outfit made his job even more dangerous by restricting his vision while helping a wounded alligator.

Jason said: “I was just a little apprehensive while jumping on the gator with the costume because I couldn’t see great.

"I knew that we had to catch her to put the stitches on her. I just had to make sure it had to be done.”

Fellow wrester Jay Young, whose family first started the farm, gave Jason a helping hand to treat the gators nasty wound on her front leg.

Since alligators grow up to 15 feet and their bite can easily crush bones, both Jay and Jason have to remain alert while stitching up the wound.

Jason said: “I’ve only been bitten one time and that was because I put my hand in an alligator's mouth.

"As long as you keep your hand out of their mouth and you know what you’re doing, the safest spot for you is on the back of an alligator.”

They disinfected the wound with bleach water, sewed her up and scanned her implanted electrical tag to identify her among the hundreds of rescued alligators.

It turned out to be seven and a half foot Thea, who will now be moving to another pond to avoid any other conflicts with the others over territory.

Despite some difficulty getting Thea into her new location, they eventually got her into the water, all patched up and ready to carry on her gator life.

Jason added: “We hope to open people’s eyes. Alligators aren’t good pets - people need to make wise choices when it comes to owning animals.

“The farm has been doing really well the last couple of years and we hope to keep that momentum going.”