By Danny Baggott @Dan_Baggie

A TROOP of baboons make a splash whilst crossing a river in Marakele National Park

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Videographer / director: Michelle Sole
Producer: Danny Baggott
Editor: Ian Phillips

The first baboon managed to cross the river smoothly

Michelle Sole, a safari guide working in South Africa, captured the comical moments of the monkeys cautiously crossing the river.

Michelle, 29, said: “I thought it was hilarious watching the baboons cross the river.

As more of them began to cross, they found new ways to get to the other side

“I tried my best not to make the camera shake from laughing!

From jumping to walking on their hind legs, the baboons crossed the river safely

“I shot it in the Marataba section of the park in September this year.”

A younger baboon was unsure of how to get across

From leaping over the river with three big bounces, to quickly tiptoeing across like they are treading on burning fire – the baboons certainly did not follow the leader on this occasion.

One baby was safe from the water on their mother's back

“There was actually a dry route for them to take, but the elephants were blocking the way and some of the younger ones were chasing the baboons away,” Michelle said.

Another one manoeuvred across on its hind legs

“I have only seen this once before and didn’t manage to get a decent shot of it.

The sighting was amusing for the photographer

“I’m really happy with the footage, I often take photographs but on this occasion I didn’t feel that a photo would capture the moment properly.

Luckily they all managed to cross the river in their own unique way

“It was a unique sighting and looking back at it really makes me chuckle.

“The more time I spend photographing and videoing nature the more I realise there’s a lot of luck and patience involved and It’s nice to be in the right place at the right time!”