By Mark Hodge @@MrHodgey

THREE cute baby badgers are being nursed back to health after being abandoned by their mothers

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Videographer / director: Secret World Wildlife Rescue
Producer: Mark Hodge, Nick Johnson
Editor: Sonia Estal

Baby on board: One of the tiny creatures sits on his foster mum's lap

Rescued in early March, the adorable trio are being cared for by the experienced team at Secret World Wildlife Rescue in Somerset. 

Opal, Jet and Topaz have been named after precious gemstones and are being hand reared by the foster mums who are preparing them for life back in the wild.

Hungry hearts: The badgers are responding well to the centre's treatment

First to be rescued was Opal, who was found alone in Yeovil and after two weeks was joined by little Jet, who was rescued by a farm owner near Bristol. 

A few days later, Topaz was brought to the rescue centre after being found abandoned in Dorset.

The Three Amigos: The babies were all named after gems

Animal carer Jess Crabtree, 29, spoke about the great care which is taken while feeding the badgers.

She said: “The cubs are fed five times a day, and only two or three carers take responsibility for feeding them.

Hand reared: The babies are bottle fed at the wildlife centre

“We wear green tunics when we handle them rather than the usual blue worn by staff, so they associate with us in these green clothes which smell of them, rather than becoming used to humans in general.

“We will gradually start introducing them to solid foods at around nine or ten weeks old, which is when they would naturally emerge from the sett in the wild.”

Surprise!: A cute badger shows off his healthy tummy
The orphaned cubs are gaining weight and will eventually be released back into the wild

And Jess said that the babies are responding well to the care and are putting on weight.

“They’re going through a lot of milk. Opal was just 426 grams when she was rescued and she’s now over 1.2 kilograms, with Topaz not far behind,” she added. 

The badger cubs have bonded quickly and act like siblings

“Jet’s a bit younger but he’s putting on weight and becoming more active like the other two, although he does like to sleep a lot.”

Healing hands: Carer Jess feeds one of the precious animals
One of the babies takes a well earned break

You can help feed the baby badgers by donating to Secret World’s appeal at

The badgers need to build up their strength before being released later this year