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FROM protecting his family to loading the dishwasher – superpower dog Baron is the most loyal pet

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Videographer / director: Alfred Schoeninger
Producer: Danny Baggot, Nick Johnson
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Superpower dog Baron often helps out around the house

The two-year-old German Shepherd helps out around the house – regularly conducting chores like mopping the floors and putting the toys away.

And Baron’s superpowers do not stop there – he has been trained in personal protection to defend his family against any type of threat.

Dog trainer, Linda Riley, has intensely trained her beloved pet Baron since the day she took him home at just 12 weeks old.

She said: “Baron’s superpower is his amazing loyalty in how helpful he is around the house.

From loading the dishwasher to mopping the floors, Baron is the ultimate pet

“He can help load the dishwasher, he can unload and load the dryer. He can dust, he likes dusting, he can sweep the floor and he can mop. He can put the toilet seat down, he can do the light switches on and off.

“Baron has also been trained to defend his family, so if someone were to come in the house that wasn’t allowed, he would know exactly what to do and when to use it.”

Since joining Linda’s household, Baron has become a true member of the family growing particular close to her four-year-old son Alexander.

He lives in Virginia with his owner Linda and best friend Alexander

Linda said: “Alexander and Baron have a very special relationship. If you put the three of us together and I walk this way and Alexander walks the other way - nine times out of 10 he’s going to go with Alexander.

“He’s got to watch him, he’s got to know where he’s at. If Alexander is running, Baron is running. If Alexander is sitting, Baron is sitting. If he’s climbing on the slide, Baron is climbing on the slide.

“They are joined at the hip. Whenever it’s bath time, Alexander will have Baron go get him a towel when he’s finished and bring it to him.

Baron rarely leaves Alexander's side
He will sometimes go with Linda to pick him up from school

“The more Alexander can get Baron to do stuff, the stronger their bond grows.”

In addition to Baron and Alexander being inseparable around the house, Baron’s powers of protection and loyalty continue in public.

Their friendship has developed ever since Baron became part of the family

“Baron is like an overprotective dad,” Linda said.

“When we are out in public, Baron will be on the outside of Alexander pushing him into me.

“When people come up and talk to us or greet us, he will cut them off and he stands in front of people like a barrier.

Baron is trained in personal protection and knows how to deal with certain threats

“Any time we are out, his eyes are constantly on Alexander, he does not look away. If Alexander falls down and he cries, he is the first one there.”

Whenever Linda has a bad day, Baron is always the first to cheer her up and put a smile back on her face.

Baron's loyalty is what makes him such a superpower dog

She said: “Even after long days, he is still wagging his tail, drooling all over, bringing a ball for me to throw.

“He is just always making me laugh. He has kind of got two sides to him – he can be protective but also a great family dog.

Linda often describes her beloved German Shepherd as an 'overprotective dad'

“He’s very loyal and I have no doubt that dog would give his life for us, if he had to.”

Alexander quite simply added: “I love Baron, he’s my best friend.”

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