By Crystal Chung @crystalkchung

MEET Kobe, son to giant pitbull, Hulk, who is going to be the next ultimate protection dog

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Videographer / director: Ruaridh Connellan
Producer: John Balson, Nick Johnson
Editor: Joshua Douglas

Earlier this year Hulk fathered eight puppies that could be collectively sold for $500,000

Earlier in the year the biggest pitbull in the world - who weighs a whopping 12 stone - fathered eight puppies that could collectively command $500,000 (£320,000) if they complete owner's Marlon Grennan’s training school to become elite protection dogs.

Kobe's father Hulk weighs an astounding 12 stone - will Kobe top that?

Marlon, 28, is currently training the next big star of Dark Dynasty K9s with eight-month-old puppy Kobe.

He said: “My reputation is built on how I breed and train my dogs. I’m looking for the next Hulk - the stare of the future. And this dog is the star of the future.

Kobe is only eight-months-old but he already strikes a commanding pose

“Hulk is the most famous dog that I have but I am always looking for the next big thing so I’ve got to keep marching forward and I think we have something here.

“Kobe is a wonderful dog, his father is the Hulk, he’s got great energy, great balance.”

When he started training Kobe was a little reluctant to bite or tug

He added: “I can definitely see Kobe being a star of the future, you can’t dismiss qualities like that. He has what it takes.

“I know when I see a dog that’s going to do it - and he’s going to do it."

To encourage him, Marlon pushed his training and has now taught him how to vault and assault assailants in and on cars

At the beginning of Kobe’s training the powerful pup was reluctant to bite or tug, leading owner Marlon to push his training further with the eight-month-old being taught to attack and release on command as well as vault and assault would-be assailants in and on cars.

Dark Dynasty K9s supplies protection dogs to high-profile celebrities, billionaires and wealthy professionals

After several months of training Kobe showed much more promise to becoming the next face of Dark Dynasty K9s - a business that supplies protection dogs to high-profile celebrities, billionaires and wealthy professionals - as well as law enforcement around the world.

Although Marlon has no intention of selling Kobe, he has already been offered $40,000 for him untrained

Owner Marlon said: “To me Kobe is absolutely priceless, I have no intentions of selling him, I absolutely want to make him the superstar that I know he can be.

But as a fully-trained protection dog he could easily be worth $100,000

“But if I wanted to turn around and sell him tomorrow, I have already been offered $40,000 multiple times for him untrained based upon who he is and where he comes from.

Kobe still has lots to learn at Marlon's elite training school for dogs

“Kobe as a fully-trained dog, I would easily get $100,000.”