By Tom Midlane @GoldenLatrine

THE owner of the world’s biggest pit bull has paid tribute to his supersized canine companion - with an equally supersized tattoo

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Dark Dynasty K9s founder Marlon Grennan, 31, had a giant image of Hulk, the 175lb pit bull who has taken the internet by storm, inked onto his chest.

Hulk has become the figurehead of the New Hampshire-based protection dogs company and Grennan said he wanted to immortalise the canine colossus as a mark of respect.

Marlon told Barcroft TV: “I stopped off in Connecticut to finish my tribute to the Hulk - he’s taken us to heights we couldn’t even have dreamed of.

"In tribute to him I’ve put a giant portrait of him on my chest. This dog has changed my life forever, so to have him on my body is an honour.

"When I finally saw the tattoo all done I was extremely impressed, I had to take a moment to look at it and think, ‘This is on me forever’.”

The tattoo was done over 26 hours in two sittings by Xavier Sedaris, owner and artist at Xclusive Ink in East Hartford, Connecticut.

Sedaris said: “Marlon first approached me at the beginning of last summer and I loved the idea. I love the dogs.

"I told him that I would definitely love to do it for him."

As well as pleasing the human recipient of the tattoo, the tattoo artist also wanted to be sure the end product met the approval of Hulk, who did a meet and greet with fans while the tattoo was being finished.

“There was a little bit of extra pressure having Hulk sitting over there looking at me while I finished this tattoo,” Sedaris said.

"I want him to look as beautiful as possible, so that’s something I was paying attention to while I was tattooing Marlon."

Based on a portrait shot of Hulk, the tattoo also presented some technical challenges for Sedaris.

He said: “The difficulty level of this was pretty high. Not only because it’s a huge tattoo but you have to get it proportionally correct.

"You know, it has to flow with his body. I love this picture of Hulk, so we first started out with the top, we were trying to get all the definition in his face.

"It was a little bit tricky because there are so many wrinkles and creases, and moving further down he has got a lot of ribs and cuts and muscles in there.

“But I definitely wanted to capture as much as I could to make it feel lifelike.”

Hulk’s size and power has catapulted him to internet stardom, with his own book deal, dog food brand and merchandising line - and regular guest appearances at dog shows.

The enormous mutt recently attended a dog event in Manhattan to try out his new chunky gold collar, the ‘Midas’, made by the team at Big Dog Chains.

Event organiser Rich Cordero said: “It’s a pleasure having Hulk here, as soon as he walked in everyone turned their heads. He’s the biggest dog that I’ve ever seen."

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