By Tom Midlane @goldenlatrine

A DOG trainer lets his six-year-old son don the 'bite sleeve' as a 175lb pit bull attacks - before passing the sleeve on to his TWO-year-old brother

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Videographer / director: Adam Gray, Paddy Hughes
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Dark Dynasty K9s owner Marlon Grennan, 31, of New Hampshire, is the owner of Hulk, the star of Barcroft TV’s hit internet series Dog Dynasty.

Grennan trains some of America’s most ferocious protection dogs, but says he has no qualms about allowing his two sons Jordan, 6, and Jackson, 2, to train with the colossal canine.

He told Barcroft TV: “At some point I’ll need an heir to my throne, so I’ll look to my eldest Jordan.

“I absolutely have zero concern about my dogs training with these kids, they have been wanting to be involved since the second they could move around.

"Growing up with dogs, it wouldn’t surprise me if Jordan thought he was a dog, for a while he honestly did certain things that were more similar to animals than people - which is not that strange when literally your brother is a giant dog.

“He is starting to get a lot more involved which is very cool to see as a father, and my youngest son Jackson is always very, very interested in everything that’s going on."

Jordan began with some basic obedience work with puppy Kong, teaching him marks, to follow the food and the basic positions, before moving on to some some “doubling” routines with Hercules and Dynasty.

But before long it was time for the elementary schooler to move on to controlling the 175lb Hulk.

The six-year-old got the chance to unleash Hulk on to his father a few times to warm up, before it was time for Jordan to experience the power of Hulk for himself.

Grennan said: "It’s one thing to control a dog, but another to feel it’s power.

"If Jordan is going to follow in my footsteps he needs to be able to take a bite, which means putting the sleeve on.

“There was some fear there, because despite the fact they’ve been raised together and Hulk is his dog, he’s a little kid!

“But he wants to take bites from the dog, as strange as it sounds - like father like son.

“Hulk hits like a truck, he’ll take a fully-grown man to the ground like it’s nothing, so to see him tone it down to work with Jordan, it’s amazing.”

And, with guidance from Marlon, Jordan then wore the bite sleeve as Hulk chewed on his arm, at one point pulling the sleeve right off.

Then, as the training session came to a close, Grennan decided to let Jackson, 2, follow in his brother’s footsteps.

He said: “Little J he always gets excited if he sees his older brother training. The general public see a bite sleeve and think, ‘This is a bloodthirsty dog’.

"I made a top rank decision and let my youngest son try out the family business, and that was the first time I’d done that."

Mom Lisa added: “Jackson is very confident and he knows what he wants, he has no fear of the dogs at all."

And with the training over, Grennan hopeful that his future is in safe hands with his children.

He said: “Everything that I do and everything that I build is for the kids.

"If Jordan can keep on going like he is, the future of DDK, my legacy, it’s going to be in good hands.”

But the final word went to Jordan, who loved his session training Hulk.

He said: "When I grow up, I want to train all the dogs."

Dog Dynasty season 2 is available on Barcroft TV’s YouTube and Facebook Watch pages, with a new episode released every Friday.