By Hannah Stevens @Hannahshewans

THESE macro shots of spiders are a window into the incy wincy world of spiders

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Icy delved inside the insect world in her garden in Newark

Photographer Icy Ho decided to test her skills and so ventured just outside her door to delve into the minuscule world of creepy crawlies.

The close-up photography requires a lot of patience from photographer Icy Ho

Her stunning photographs managed to capture the tiny stripes of the zebra jumping spider and the furry legs of a walnut orb weaver.

Icy, from Newark, said: “I wanted to try a different type of photography and got into macro.

Photographing the arachnids requires a lot of patience but Ho says it is all about practice

“I went out to the garden looking for bugs to test myself and ever since I saw the amazing little world of insects, I have been intrigued.”

Icy wanted to capture the wildlife in her back garden to showcase the amazing creatures at our fingertips

The thirty-year-old photographer hopes her efforts will open people’s eyes to the crucial part insects and spiders play in our ecosystem.

Icy said: “ I think most people have the impression that insects are just creepy crawlies and don’t really care or want to know what they really are.

Icy uses a wide range of equipment including a standalone macro lens, reserving ring and closer-up adapter

“But insects are very important for our eco system and I hope people will pay more attention to nature.

“I want to let people know that there is a beautiful and amazing little world right beneath us.”

Ho had to perfect her creeping skills to get close to the critters before they ran away

But capturing the small creatures on camera was not easy and the critters were not always perfect models.

Icy said: “It can be a challenge to get up close to them without them running away.

The photographer taught herself how to shoot in macro by using the creatures in her garden

“It requires me to be very patient and learn to move with stealth. Often when I get closer and before I can hold up my camera, insects like flies and beetles that can fly are gone already.

Now the photographer takes most of her photos in the comfort of her home

“It can be frustrating at times. I only photograph insects alive, which makes the process a bit more difficult as I have no idea when I will scare them away.”

Capturing the spiders up close commanded a lot of patience, but Icy knows the hassle was worth every blurry shot and escaped creature.

Icy hopes to capture all known species of insect and arachnid in the UK

She said: “Every time I found out I had taken a good shot of an insect or saw a species that I have never seen before, well, the enjoyment and satisfaction is unexplainable.

“I hope my images will help people learn more about nature and will make them view insects from a new perspective and realise that they do have their beautiful sides.”

To check out more creepy crawlies up close visit Icy’s website or her Instagram @IHMacro.