By Shannon Lane @shannonroselane

A PAMPERED pig who lives the life of luxury is helping the sick and elderly - and is looking incredibly stylish as she does it

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Videographer / director: Jahaira Zamora
Producer: Shannon Lane, Nick Johnson
Editor: Joshua Douglas

Blue has a different outfit every day of the week

In recent years, pigs have become more known in the home, than on a farm. Pet owners, and meat eaters alike, are beginning to realise how intelligent these misunderstood animals are.

And a particular porker called Blue, from Wellington, Florida is just that.

The potbelly lives with her owner Jahaira Zamora, 25, and is both a therapy worker at a nursing home and part-time fashionista.

Her owner says Blue loves getting dressed up and making people happy

Blue makes frequent visits to the home to bring joy to the residents, who pet and play with her.

Jahaira said: "I’ve had Blue for two years now, she’s a little over two and I’ve had her since she was 6 weeks old.

Blue knows when to stop and pose for photographs

"A couple of months ago I came across the opportuniy for registering Blue as a therapy pet and immediately I just thought she’d be a great fit. She’s just so loving, and sweet and loves meeting people.

“Once a week we visit our local nursing home. She does one-on-one with patients, and she shows everyone her tricks, she also lets people pet her and give her treats.

"The most common phrase we get is 'you just made our day.’”

When Blue isn't dressing up, she works as a therapy pet at a nursing home

There are many misconceptions of pigs, which are usually that they are unintelligent, dirty animals, but this is not the case.

Many experiments have found that pigs are emotionally and cognitively complex and share many traits with animals whom we consider intelligent.

Blue has many different colours of tutus and bows

Blue’s owner said: “She can do many simple tricks, such as sit, spin, stay, bow and jump, but she can also do more complex things such as giving you kisses.

“She’ll stay perfectly still for the camera till the flash goes off, she’ll shut doors for me, she can put a little basketball she has into a hoop, and she can point out the colours red and green, which is pretty impressive.

Studies show that pigs could be more intelligent than dogs

“Pigs make amazing pets because they are extremely clean, most people don’t think they are! Blue uses her door to go to the toilet outside."

This stylish swine has an impressive array of tutus and bows for her hair and enjoys all the attention she receives from the people she meets.

Jahaira said: "She loves the one-on-one attention"

Jahaira said: “The first time I dressed Blue up was when she was four months old. It was Christmas and I put cute Christmas pyjamas on her and she was okay with it.

"I just continued to put little bows on her because it makes people smile. She loves the one-on-one attention and the treats and she really really does enjoy it."

Some of Jahaira's friends have stopped eating pork after meeting Blue

Vegetarian, Jahaira, fully endorses having a domestic pig as a pet and Blue has even made an impact on the meat-eating habits of the people around her.

Her owner said: “Just in our circle of friends she has impacted some of them so much that they have decided to cut out meat completely from their diets. They see how intelligent she is and they cannot fathom eating an animal that smart.

Jahaira said: "Before I had Blue I had no idea how truly intelligent they are, and most people don’t"

"I feel very strongly about bringing awareness to how smart pigs are, because I know before I had Blue I had no idea how truly intelligent they are, and most people don’t.

“They are so smart, so cuddly, so loving, and they just make the best companions. I want to spread this message and impact as many people as I can.”

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