By John Balson @jjbalson

Meet Frozen – the canine internet star leading a new line of muscular, all-white designer Pitbulls

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Videographer / director: Gerrit Messersmith
Producer: John Balson, James Thorne
Editor: Ethan Edwards

The 130lbs American Pitbull and his owner Jose Jimenez, aged 30, make for an impressive sight in their neighbourhood park in Florida.

The giant all white dog, nicknamed “Polar Bear”, is twice the size of a normal Pitbull, which generally weigh up to around 60lbs.

Jose has been working with Pitbulls for over ten years, but it was the now five-year-old Frozen who took his interest in breeding to the next level.

Whilst attending dog shows with the impressive canine, Jose was often asked to breed puppies, being offered good money for a junior “Polar Bear”.

Jose told Barcroft TV: “I started to attend shows and make videos of him socialising with my children, and people liked it.

“When I started doing shows people started to ask for the puppies of our dogs.”

Together with their other dogs including Joker and Barbie, Jose and his wife Diana are now creating a breed line of extra muscular Pitbulls called “Jimenez Whiteline”, based on the predominantly white dogs. 

Jose said: “As I only have white dogs, that’s where the name Whiteline comes from. What I want to do with Frozen is to make a breed line. A dog that has more muscles than Frozen.”

Their goal is to breed a dog that has even more muscles than Frozen, yet as Jose explains; “It’s not about the size of the dog, it’s much more about proportion which makes a dog look beautiful”.

But Jose admits that Frozen can be quite a handful.

He said: “Frozen is powerful. One day he tore off the leash, escaped the yard and broke two fences. I have no idea how he did it. He does have a lot of strength.”

But Jose is quick to defend Frozen against any suggestions that he might be a danger to anyone.

He said: “Oh no, not at all. Frozen is not dangerous to other people. Frozen enjoys being petted and touched. He’s got zero aggression with other people. Frozen has a good temperament with people.”

“If you have a chihuahua and you raise it in an aggressive way, it’s going to be aggressive.”

But it’s not just about the bulk and power of the dogs in Jose and Diana‘s kennel, they are very much part of the Jimenez Family and offers up to $70.000 for Frozen have been kindly declined. 

Jose said: “For me it’s not an option to sell Frozen.”