By Hannah Stevens @hannahshewans

A FIERCE hippo charges a herd of wildebeest attempting to migrate across the Mara River

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Every year millions of wildebeest, gazelle and zebra migrate across the Serengeti to find new feeding grounds

While on safari on Masai Mara, Kenya, photographer Ingo Gerlach snapped a territorial hippo getting antsy with his invading neighbours.

Every year, millions of wildebeest, gazelle and zebra migrate across the great Serengeti but the journey is rarely a smooth one

The wildebeest are usually looking out for crocodiles but this time a hippo took them by surprise

After surveying the crocodile infested waters, the wildebeest braved the crossing but did not expect to come up against such a fierce hippo foe

As each group passed into its territory the hippo charged and roared at them

Ingo said: “I had been waiting for hours for the wildebeest herd to finally cross the Mara River.

“When it finally started, the animals were extremely fast, probably also because they were afraid of the lurking crocodiles.

The wildebeest did everything they could to avoid the hippo's tusks

“What was not a danger to the wildebeest at first, was the hippo, which was very irritated by the disturbance of the animals.”

Hippopotamuses are world famous as the most dangerous land mammal, but they are just as fearsome in the water with their sharp tusks and hefty bodies.

Hippos are known as the most dangerous land mammal in the world but they are just as fearsome in water

While hippos are not territorial on land, they will strike at any animal that dares to cross into their water territory, including crocodiles and alligators

Hippos can be extremely aggressive when they feel that their territory is threatened

The photographer said: “With such a fierce mouth, the powerful river horse is a threat to any wildlife that come too close to him.

“The wildebeest only noticed the threat in the last second, when the giant hippo jumped out at a ninety degree angle

Hippopotamuses can hold their breath for five minutes or longer underwater

“An adult hippo can hurt or even kill a wildebeest without problems.”

But in this case the wildebeest managed to escape unscathed and, once the herd had moved on, the sensitive hippo finally got some peace and quiet again.