By Haziq Qadri @haziq_qadri

MEET India’s biggest and most valuable bull - weighing over 1.5 tonnes and reputed to be worth £2.5 million

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Naresh claims Sultan is biggest bull in India - weighing 1.5 tonnes and standing 5ft 11in high

Standing at 5ft 11in tall and measuring 14ft in length, the murrah bull named Sultan, weighs double that of other bulls.

Owner Naresh Kumar, from Haryana in India claims Sultan is India’s tallest, biggest and most expensive bull.  

The owner cares deeply for Sultan by taking him for walks and bathing him twice a day

He said: "We feed him 10kg of milk, 15kg of apples, 20kg of carrots, 10kg of grains and 10-12kg of green leaves on a daily basis. His daily expenses are between £30 and £33."

Sultan’s semen is sold in almost every state of India and a single dose costs around £4.

Sultan's diet consists of 10kg of milk, 15kg apples, 20kg carrots, 10kg grains and 10-12kg of leaves

Naresh said: “The cost of one dose of Sultan’s semen is about 300 INR and in almost every state in India, his semen is in high demand.

“In a single year, the total sale of his semen comes to around ten million Indian rupees [£120,000].”

Sultan has won over seven bull competitions
His owner claims he's worth over £2.5 million

Sultan also has a surprising taste for whiskey, and his owner allows him a drink of his favorite spirit every night. 

Naresh said: “We take him for a five kilometre walk every morning, and every evening we feed him a bottle of whiskey.”

Lakhvir Singh, who takes care of Sultan, said: "He is the best bull in India and is worth 21 crore [210 million rupees]. People come from all over to buy his semen. He drinks alcohol on a daily basis in the evening.

Sultan also has a surprising taste for Whiskey

“His kids are also healthy but they don’t drink alcohol.”

Sultan has won many awards across India for being both the heaviest and most expensive bull.

Naresh said: “He has won first prize in seven competitions. He has won first prize in Karnal and Hyderabad.

“Sultan is the most unique bull in the world because he is tall and super expensive.”