By Joe Roberts

DRAMATIC footage shows two monitor lizards locked in a vicious battle, deep in the heart of the Greater Kruger National Park in South Africa

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Videographer / director: Rob the Ranger
Producer: Danny Baggott, Ed Baranski
Editor: Marcus Cooper

Filmed by renowned wildlife ranger Rob Vamplew, the two alpha-male beasts hold nothing back in their duel, which appeared to be over territory rather than food or female companions.

The fight itself lasted for more than 15 minutes, with Rob admitting he had never seen anything quite like it in his 20 years of safaris.

The ranger said: "A sighting like this for me is very special. I spend a lot of time on safari and to see something like this is unusual and as exciting as watching predators hunt."

Throughout the encounter, both lizards do their best to gain the upper hand, grappling and biting their opponent in what, at times, looked more like a slow dance than a deadly confrontation.

In Rob’s footage, neither appears to dominate the other as both lizards seemingly hold nothing back throughout the skirmish.

Unfortunately, the fate of the two monitors remains unknown, as the pair's intense clash took them down a steep hill and out of sight.