By Bunmi Adigun @Bunmi_Adigun

BEAUTY is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to these beautiful twin cats - who have mismatched eyes

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Videographer / director: Vladimir Foxsmile, Pavel Kasianov
Producer: Bunmi Adigun, Ellie Winstanley
Editor: Marcus Cooper

Both of the cats share the same trait as music icon David Bowie

Sisters Iriss and Abiss have something in common with singer David Bowie - they both have the genetic condition heterochrmomia, which produces a difference in colouration in both eyes due to a lack of melanin.

The twins both have the genetic condition known as heterochrmomia

Pavel Kasianov, 31 from Saint-Petersburg Russia, adopted the crossbred 10-month-old kittens after seeing an advert online.

He said: “I was blown away by their appearance and the fact that they were twins was the determining factor to adopt them both and not to separate them.”

Iriss and Abyss live in Russia with their owner, Pavel Kasianov

As well as their hypnotising eyes, the cats also have snow white fur adding to their unique look.

Since having the cats, Pavel has set up an Instagram page for the twins which boasts more than 70,000 followers.

The adorable twins have become an internet sensation and have garnered a huge following
The 10-month-old kittens' snow white fur also adds to their unique look

He said: “I decided to make a special gallery for the girls to share their special beauty. The philosophy of the @sis.twins page is that each picture is a perfect shot like an art gallery. Every picture has a story behind it, it is all about crispy white cleanliness, gem-like eyes and beauty!”

Like most cats the twins love nothing more than to play with each other

Despite their massive following online, both kittens are keeping all four paws firmly on the ground and live a relatively normal life.

The cats are reguler domestic breeds but are often confused for an exotic breed

Pavel said: “They wake up as I wake up, have their breakfast and then investigate the house. They investigate birds behind the window, each other and stuff like phone chargers, chewing gum or any other small things left around the house.”

“My cats are not spoilt. They are rather easy going but first you need to curry their favour,“ he added.

In some cases the cat's condition can have a negative affect on their health

In some cases heterochrmomia can have a negative affect on an animals’ health, leading to blindness and deafness, however the twins escaped this fate.

Pavel said: “I am lucky in this lottery as the cats hear and see perfectly well. They can hear an opening can from the other end of the house and see all the flies on the ceiling.”