By Shannon Lane @shannonroselane

IN a battle of claws and strength, two male Komodo dragons fight for dominance

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The two giant lizards bumped into each other on Indonesia's Sunda Islands

At almost 10 feet in length and weighing up to 70kg, the Komodo dragon is one of Earth’s most feared animals.

The world’s largest lizard has been living in the harsh climates of Indonesia’s Sunda Islands for millions of years, dominating the land and eating anything they can catch.

They began sussing one another out, nose to nose

With sharp claws and powerful legs, the Komodo dragon also has the secret weapon of toxic saliva. Containing approximately 50 strains of bacteria, a deadly bite from the dragon will kill its prey within 24 hours.

Using their strong hind legs they both stood up to attack

Russian wildlife photographer Yulia Sundukova visited Komodo Island, Indonesia, in December 2014 to see the incredible lizards first-hand.

She said: "At first one dragon came and we were taking his photos, and then another one came!

The Komodo dragon has enormous claws
The fight between the two males only lasted 5 minutes

"He behaved as the alpha, but none of us expected what was about to happen. They were going around each other nose to nose, and all of the sudden they pushed themselves up in the air and started to attack each other.”

Despite this ferocious battle, the two males weren’t trying to kill each other, but assert dominance to the territory.

The dragons weren't trying to kill one another, just assert their dominance

Yulia said: “The two fights lasted less than five minutes. During the first round the alpha won, and it appeared to be finished. The strongest proved his win by putting his bigger body on the losing dragon and stayed there few seconds.

The alpha male lay on top of the losing lizard

"They started to move to opposite sides, but again they turned and ran towards each other! Another quick round, the alpha confirmed his win and chased the weaker dragon from the hill.”

The Komodo dragon has been on Earth for millions of years

Unfortunately due to human encroachment and natural disasters, the Komodo dragon is listed as ‘vulnerable’ on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

The photographer said: "That was one of the best presents from nature. To see two strong, dangerous and beautiful dragons fight - it was unforgettable!”