By Danny Baggott @Dan_Baggie

RING-TAILED lemurs have successfully conceived twins in the world’s oldest zoo

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Videographer / director: ZooBorns
Producer: Hannah Stevens, Nick Johnson
Editor: Sonia Estal

Lemur twins have been conceived in the Schönbrunn Zoo

On Saturday March 25, the tiny twins were born at the Schönbrunn Zoo in Vienna – weighing around 70 grams each.

The newborns weighed around 70 grams

Although their gender is not yet known, it is quite common for lemurs to produce twins.

Their gender is still unknown

Zoo director, Dagmar Schratter, said: “Every year in spring the lemurs are among the first species to produce offspring.

It is not uncommon for lemurs to produce twins

“Further females are pregnant so there will soon be plenty going on in the lemur enclosure.”

The newborns rarely leave their mother’s side

When the baby lemurs are first born, they never leave their mother’s side.

Dagmar said: “For the first few days the babies are carried on their mother`s belly.  

They are suckled for around six months

“After a few days they climb onto her back and discover the world on piggyback.”

The newborns are then suckled for around six months and will begin to eat fruit and vegetables when they’re a month old.

Lemurs are only native to Madagascar

Although lemurs are only native to the island of Madagascar, they are often bred in zoos throughout Europe.