By Giacomo Brunelli @GIACOMOBRUNELLI

INCREDIBLE footage has captured the unique moment a hyena and leopard SHARE their prey

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Videographer / Director: Rob Vamplew

Producer: Giacomo Brunelli

Editor: Sonia Estal

Leopards are usually solitary creatures that barely interact with their own species - let alone with other animals.

But in the Sabi Sand Wildtuin, deep in the Kruger National Park of South Africa, wildlife videographer Rob the Ranger filmed what he describes as a "once in a lifetime" sight.

A leopard had stalked and caught a warthog and was just about to dig into his meal when a hyena crept up from behind, scaring the leopard away and stealing its catch.

Left empty handed, the leopard seemed to want to attack the hyena from behind, as this is where hyenas are most vulnerable.

As the leopard adamantly approached the hyena, however, it decided to try and share the warthog rather than start a fight. Incredibly, the leopard and hyena were soon feasting on the warthog side by side - truly a rare sight.

Rob the Ranger told Beastly: "It was definitely very unexpected - the leopard could easily have jumped on the hyena and done it a lot of damage, it wasn't safe for either one of those predators."

And Rob doesn't think he will ever see something like this again: "This is not something I would have ever expected to see or ever hoped to see or ever even thought about seeing - I would like to hope that I could see something like this again but I don't think it happens often enough, it's a once in a lifetime sighting really," he said.