By Danny Baggott @Dan_Baggie

AN unusual friendship has formed between a mischievous otter and a playful lion

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Videographer / director: Annel Snyman
Producer: Danny Baggott, Ruby Coote
Editor: Dan Cousins

Kumari the lion and Moses the otter have become best friends

Annel Snyman has raised a lion and otter in her house – and now they are best friends.

The animal lover runs Loebies Guest House and Predator Park in the Limpopo Province of South Africa – home to everything from lions and leopards to hyenas and meerkats.

South African Annel Snyman has raised the animals inside her house

And in addition to her amazing interactions with the colossal animals, a fascinating friendship has developed on site between her pet lion Kumari and pet otter Moses.

Kumari is also friends with the hyenas at the predator park

Kumari was her latest addition to the animal family - born earlier this year from adult lioness Robyn - Annel is keeping a close eye on one of the first-born lions at the park.
The 34-year-old said: “The reason I have a close bond with the animals is because I raised them from a very young age.

Robyn is Kumari's mother and she lives in an enclosure outside due to her size

“When Kumari was a bit younger she stayed in the nursery room in my house and got bottle fed – now she is much bigger and she likes to play in and around the house.

“When she’s a bit bigger, she will be introduced into the big enclosures again."

But Robyn's size does not stop Annel interacting with her on a daily basis

Abandoned as a baby, Moses the otter was taken in by Annel who raised him with love and care.

Now six months old, Kumari has been getting to know all of the animals – particularly Moses.

Kumari is now six months old and is growing rapidly

The furry friends often play fight together with Kumari using her huge paws to pin the tiny otter down. 

The two frequently follow each other around the park and seem to enjoy causing mischief.

Annel said: “The lions get fed everyday between 4-5 kilograms of meat – and cubs like Kumari get mince twice a day and she still likes to drink a bottle of milk.

“Kumari is now 45 kilograms. The reason why I’m not afraid of the lions is because I raised them.

Annel expects Kumari to keep playing with Moses despite her size

“In 2009 I was introduced to wild cats and in 2010 I got the necessary permits to raise and keep lions.

“But, I still know that I need to respect them because they are wild animals.

“Everyday is about working with the predators, from cleaning their enclosures in the morning till feeding time in the afternoon.”

She currently weighs 45 kilograms

Annel recently let Moses free from her site, but the little otter did not go far and chose to willingly stay at the park.

She said: “My friends and family respect me and the predator park and they also respect and love all of the animals."

Annel has a special relationship with all of her animals on site - from leopards to meerkats

“My future plans are now to extend the Predator Park and to educate people about African predators and scavengers.”