By Hannah Stevens @Hannahshewans

A FAMILY of lion cubs torment their mother with their playful antics

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Photographer Shem Compion captured the playful cubs

Wildlife photographer Shem Compion captured the heart-warming scene when exploring the southern Serengeti, Tanzania in 2014.

He said: "The lions were out on the open plains in the late afternoon. It was slightly overcast and cool, which meant the lions were out on the plains and very active.

There family or eight cubs were having a playful moment

"We started out about 30 metres from them, but then they came as close as 4 metres from the vehicle.

"This was a large pride of six females and eight cubs. There were three males lounging around too. Beautiful cats with large manes.

The cubs enjoying a play fight

"It was an afternoon of play and learning. This meant jumping on the mums, playing catch with their tails and using the mums as a pommel horse.

The young tried to encourage their mother to play

“There was a lot of play between them, stalking, ambushing, and general rolliking around.

Shem said: "This is what wildlife photographers live for"

“One cub bit a mum’s tails and the mom let the cub have it with a serious snarl!

“This is what wildlife photographers live for - moments of pure abandonment played out by a large wild pride of lions. It was harmony on the plans, just for a few moments!”