By Danny Baggott @dan_baggie

‘LION KING’ Shandor Larenty has turned his attention to training hyenas – so they can appear in HOLLYWOOD movies

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Videographer / director:  Nathan Pellow-Jarman

Producer: Danny Baggott

Editor: Florence Kennard

The dedicated 24-year-old recently spent time with his top hyena student, ‘Stinky’, in order to improve her capacity to take on new instructions and be able to achieve those perfect shots for the camera. Shandor made use of two effective methods; first, putting red meat on the end of a stick to entice the hungry hyena to jump higher, and second, attaching a mop to the end of a rope to capture shots of her running. Of course, there is always a high level of danger attached to Shandor’s work – and with raw meat and hyenas involved, he was certainly increasing the stakes. But after a successful training session, Shandor is now hoping his beloved hyenas can make a name for themselves in the movies as they have done in the past. Shandor remains thankful that he can still perform his ‘dream job’ each day – working to preserve the conservation of species and spread his animal-loving positivity to the world.