By Shannon Lane @Shannonroselane

MEET LUCY the 17 ft great white shark - and one of the most famous white sharks of the Guadalupe Islands

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Lucy is one of the most recognisable sharks in the area due to her damaged fin

The enormous female is easily recognised by her scars and broken caudal fin, but this doesn’t affect her speed.

In 2013, Lucy was the first white shark at Guadalupe to be documented hunting at speeds of 25mph below surface.

She typically returns to the Island from around mid October until late November

The famous white shark is a perfect example of how efficient, well-adapted and highly resilient the species is.

Shark videographer and tour guide, Lalo Saidy, captured these photographs of Lucy in at the Guadalupe Islands, Mexico during one of his expeditions.

Shark expert, Lalo, wants to show the world how majestic these creatures are

He said: "For the past 13 years I have been fortunate to work as an underwater videographer and white shark guide, showing clients from all corners of the world my favourite animal and changing perceptions along the way.

"Lucy is by far one of my favorite sharks at the island to spend time with underwater. Not just because of her size but because of her beauty and the ease at which she moves underwater and the respect that the other sharks give her when she shows up."

Unfortunately the great white's reputation has been tainted by films such as Jaws

Lalo offers shark tours around South Africa and Baja Mexico and aims to change the perception of these misunderstood animals, which have stemmed from Hollywood Blockbusters.

The shark enthusiast said: "We offer an opportunity for people to view and appreciate these magnificent creatures and hopefully change their perception of one of the most feared and hated animals found in our oceans due to negative media hype and public perceptions.

Lucy has a more gaping jaw than the other sharks

"It is a small step in a larger conservation battle and all we can hope for is that this issue is or becomes one of some importance to the local community as well as the worldwide one."

Lalo considers himself lucky, as the film Jaws had the opposite affect on his opinions of great white sharks. As a child he made a promise to himself to see these animals in the flesh.

She has many scars, either from fights with other sharks, or fishing equipment

The photographer said: "Truth is, there is a lot more happening beneath the surface and white sharks embody a lot more than the negativity that surrounds them.

"They are powerful yet graceful, voracious yet cautious, Jurassic yet majestic and yes, instilling of fear yet deserving of respect.

"After all they have been around for millions of years and in that regard earned the right to be the Apex predator of the oceans. And in that sense not just great whites, every shark species, because they are all an example of evolutionary perfection."