By Emma Pearson @emma_pear

A MINIATURE alpaca is being hand-raised inside a farmer’s house – and the small but mighty creature is ruling the roost

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Videographer / director: Nathan Armes
Producer: Emma Pearson, Ellie Winstanley
Editor: Marcus Cooper

Feeding time: Cody eats, sleeps and relaxes in the home she shares with Amber

Two-year-old Cody has the run of alpaca farmer Amber Isaac’s home, and even sleeps with her in the bedroom.

Little Cody has always lived indoors after being abandoned at birth by her mother, and now thinks that Amber, 47, is her mum.

Amber said: “She’s a house alpaca – I think there’s been three nights that she ever spent in the barn.

Head-turner: Cody attracts attention wherever she goes

“At night I ask her if she’s ready to go to bed and she goes over to the stairway and I go up the stairs and she follows me.

“She loves bedtime, she sleeps there all night.

“During the day she runs wild around the house and there is hay everywhere.

"She definitely thinks she’s human.”

Doing the rounds: Cody assists Amber as she carries out her duties on the farm

At just 52lbs, Cody is half the size of her furry friends – but she is making it big as an online sensation.

The tiny alpaca is thought to be one of the smallest on record.

And her adorable snaps have won her legion of 42,000 adoring online followers on her Facebook and Instagram pages, where she can be seen posing in fancy dress.

Amber said: “I dress her up at different holidays and people just love her.

Little friend: Amber says Cody is the closes thing she has to a daughter

"We’ve done New Years, Valentines Day, St Patrick’s day, Easter, 4th of July

“She’s got a whole trunk full of wigs and hats and glasses, she kind of rolls her eyes and goes ‘OK take the picture'.

“I started putting up pictures and people started following and cheering her on and she actually ended up in the news – a lot of people took an interest.”

Special: There are over 100 alpacas on the farm but only Cody has the roam of the house

Cody’s joyful antics have made her a favourite on the alpaca farm in Castle Rock, Colarado.

And she is even subject of a children’s book, which celebrates being different.

Amber: “Because she’s so small and so different from everyone else, I wanted to use that to help reach kids who might feel different, kids who feel left out, kids who are bullied, kids who have special needs.


Prep: Cody gets ready for a photoshoot

“I have a client who has a niece who has dwarfism. She can really relate with Cody being teeny tiny because she doesn’t fit in, and the message of Cody’s book is that everyone has something that makes them different.”

But life hasn’t always been so rosy for the lovable camelid.

Cody was born weighing just six and a half pounds – compared to the 20lb weight of most new-borns.

Inquisitive: Cody has become a huge hit online and has over 40,000 followers

Amber said: “The mum didn’t realise she’d given birth, and walked away and twice she almost stepped on the baby.

“I picked her up bought her inside and let the mum out with her friends - her mum didn’t even notice she was gone.”

Amber bottle-fed Cody until she was strong enough to stand and walk around but tragically the baby alpaca broke her leg shortly after.

Dress up: The fancy alpaca has a range of wigs and fancy dress outfits

The farmer nursed Cody back to health and by the time she was strong again, Cody had grown accustomed to the luxuries of indoor-living.

Now Cody follows Amber everywhere she goes, and the pair have formed a strong relationship.

Amber said: “She’s the closest thing I have to a daughter.

Good things come in small al-packages: Cody strikes a pose

“Cody and I have a very strong bond, she relies on me to take care of her, every time we go out we go out she’s right on my hip.

“She’s enriched my life beyond what I could have ever thought.”