By Crystal Chung @crystalkchung

AN eagle-eyed photographer captured the moment a money spider got trapped inside a raindrop

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Incredible macro-photography shows a tiny money spider stuck inside a raindrop

The following series of incredible macro-photography shows a tiny money spider encapsulated inside a single raindrop in one photographer’s garden in Surrey.

Shot by Duncan McMorrin, the snapper noticed the unfortunate eight-legged creature in his own back garden hanging from the washing line.

Money spiders often land on your clothes and are said to bring fortune and good luck

Duncan said: “To be quite honest, it was an incredibly lucky find, which I noticed out of the corner of my eye whilst looking to frame some other drops on the line.

“The rain had been quite heavy during the early afternoon and had briefly subsided. I walked out in the garden noticed the raindrops on the washing line shimmering in the early afternoon sun. I walked up and down the line to see if there were any decent shots to be had."

Photographer Duncan McMorrin came across the tiny spider on his washing line

He added: “The next problem was the wind. It was still blowing enough to cause the line to sway. In the middle of the line I found a stretch of drops that I could line up with the sky for a clear background so I concentrated on those."

To Duncan’s surprise, in amongst the small droplets of rain he found the tiny spider stuck inside a single raindrop.

He said: “As I attempted to focus on them, one drop caught my eye. There was something inside it and it looked like a spider! I moved in closer and sure enough, there was this tiny spider looking out.

Unfortunately the eight-legged creature didn't escape the raindrop alive

“In order to focus on it at close magnification I needed the lens to be five centimetres away from the drop, which was incredibly difficult to achieve with the line swaying as it was. Had I accidentally touched the drop or the line next to it, the result would have been a lost raindrop and a lost photo opportunity, so I had to be patient."

As for the tiny spider, it unfortunately did not escape the raindrop alive.

Duncan said: “Sadly the spider was already dead when I found it encapsulated. I'm guessing it had been wandering along the line, minding it's own business, when suddenly the rain arrived and one of the drops must have landed right on top of it.”