By Tom Midlane @GoldenLatrine

INTERNET sensation Hulk has a new kennel for his puppies - worth a cool $25,000

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Videographer / director: Adam Gray, Paddy Hughes
Senior Producer: Tom Midlane
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The colossal canine's pups are expected to grow so large that his owners Dark Dynasty K9s (DDK9s) turned to a company that specialise in building horse barns to house them.

The pampered pooches will enjoy full air conditioning during the summer, and heating to get them through the freezing New Hampshire winters.

The pimped-up kennel also comes fitted with lighting, drainage, running water, a lobby, a “feed hall” and automatic doors.

DDK9s owners Marlon Grennan, 31, and wife Lisa, 28, have until now preferred to keep their dogs indoors.

Lisa told Barcroft TV: "Our dogs have all lived inside with us but being so big and having expanded to where we are now, we just don’t have the room any more.

"So to be able to move some of our dogs outside has been absolutely perfect.”

Mindy Rinier, of the kennel's manufacturer Horizon Structures, said: “This kennel is customized for Hulk’s pups. We have upgraded the wire inside the kennel because you have dogs that are very powerful.

“They have big strong jaws that would be able to chew through regular wire.

“Then they have got an electric package with lights and climate control."

The kennel was presented to the DDK9s team at Equine Affair, an equestrian event in Springfield, Massachusetts - the birthplace of the Hulk.

Brad Zeigler, of Horizon Structures, said: “We are very excited about working with Dark Dynasty. Hulk is an incredible animal.

“We’re renowned for making structures for horses, but honestly when people walked past the kennel and saw Hulk I think they legitimately thought there was a donkey in there!"

The new kennel is now on-site at the DDK9s headquarters in New Hampshire, and Hulk’s puppies are already making good use of it.

Marlon said: “In the past I was opposed to having kennels on the property, as I didn’t like the idea of putting a dog in a cage and just leaving it there.

“But I think this kennel is really luxurious, as long as the dogs are in and out of the kennel and they are running around the property and having a good time, then I am okay with it.

“We roll together as a pack and that’s never going to change."