By Bunmi Adigun @Bunmi_Adigun

PRAYING mantis’ practice their Kung fu moves in a photographer’s back garden

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The movements of the praying mantis has inspired martial artists for centuries

The praying mantis has been an inspiration for Kung Fu masters for centuries, with many martial artists copying the movements of the unique insects.

And a leisurely stroll through a garden turned into a martial arts masterclass for one eagle eyed photographer, as he managed to snap these impressive creatures posture to one another and even make a kill.

The jewelled flower mantis is distinctive for their colourful wings

Indonesian photographer, Prabu Dennaga, 40, took the pictures after clocking one of the mantises eating a recent kill.

Prabu said: “When a mantis is eating, they tend to not change their location. The moment I saw it eating, I immediately took my camera. At first, I took a picture of it far away, then I slowly got closer.”

Photographer Prabu Dennaga came across the posturing insects near his home in Jakarta

Known as the 'jewelled flower' mantis, this particular species is distinctive due to its colourfully patterned wings.

Commonly found in Asia this species can live up to nine months and are known to be cannibalistic.

The jewelled flower mantis is commonly found in Asia and live up to nine months

Resembling something out of a sci-fi movie Prabu was able to take close up snaps of the mantises and their alien-like features without scaring the insects away.

He said: “Micro photography makes me happy because I can clearly see the details of incredibly small bits and pieces that I can’t normally see with the naked eye.”

Prabu was able to showcase the alien like features of the praying mantis

A keen animal lover, Prabu used his knowledge of praying mantises to capture them in all their glory.

He said: “It was a coincidence that the mantis was eating and when they eat, it usually takes a long time for them to finish their food so I was able to take the picture with ease.

Although harmless to humans the praying mantis is a proficient predator

“The mantis is an insect predator, it eats all kinds of insects. Despite that, they are tame and not dangerous to humans.”

The animal lovers’ photography is not just limited to insects however.

The praying mantis is also well known for being cannibalistic

Prabu said: “I love all kinds of living beings, especially the animal world. I love observing them. Watching them move makes me very happy. The more I observe, the love I have of seeing and taking their photos grows as well."

He added: “I make sure to take at least a picture of an animal every single day.”