By Danny Baggott @Dan_Baggie

A FAMILY of notoriously shy red squirrels take part in their own miniature photo-shoot

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Artist and photographer Geert Weggen captured the incredible pictures earlier this year

Posing in and around a quintessential telephone box, an igloo and a teepee – the two woodland creatures appear to conduct humanlike actions such as answering the phone and preparing dinner.

Dutch-born artist and photographer Geert Weggen creates the minuscule scenarios by keeping props on his kitchen ledge and waiting for squirrels to come by so he can capture the images.

The Dutch-born artist builds his own mini studios and waits for the squirrels to come

The 48-year-old said: “In all three themes, I made the props. I build the scenes about three meters away from my kitchen window so the animals can come and go as they please.

“I prepare the lighting and place food on the places where I want the squirrels to come and wait.

It can take as long as three days for Geert to gain the perfect stories through his photographs

“Squirrels often come in my garden and that makes them an easy target for my camera – they are beautiful beings and they can use all four legs to hold something.

“That makes them great to simulate human beings.”

Red squirrels are notorious for being shy and so Geert sees it as a challenge

Geert can usually create the “magic moments” in just three days, but admits that it depends on the positioning and movements of the animals.

"It can take days before they go in a prop like a telephone or holding a telephone or just the moment that they look at each other,” he added.

Geert took these particular photographs in the March, April, September and October of this year

“I am often looking for themes with a nice story and what better than a squirrel inside an igloo in the winter? The igloo is so simple and efficient.

“For a long time I wanted the red telephone box, because it is so beautiful and it is so easy to create stories around it. I am working on a new book with this theme.”

He has already created photosets with the squirrels playing on ice and chopping trees in the forest

Photographing these particular sets in March, April, September and October of this year, Geert is very pleased with how his work has progressed.

He said: “In these three and a half years of shooting red squirrels, I am still amazed about the shots I make.

Geert is very pleased with how his work has developed and is now working on a book

“I am still surprised about the beauty and the magic moments – they go so fast and often happen just once.

"If there would be crocodiles in my garden I would photograph them – it looks unrealistic and that makes my photos magical – the impossible becomes possible.”