By Shannon Lane @Shannonroselane

IN AN eccentric dance, a male spider attempts to woo his mate with his moves and colourful mouthparts

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The spider's dancing involves waving his legs

The phidippus regis, or regal jumping spider, is the largest spices of jumping spider in eastern North America, ranging from 6 - 18mm.

If the dance has been successful the female allows the male to mate with her

There are over 5800 species of jumping spider and they have some of the best vision among arthropods, using it in courtship and hunting.

The female responds to his dance with her own moves

The regal jumping spider is easily identified by its iridescent mouthparts, known as chelicerae, and are often striking blue in males.

The male spider can be identified by his blue mouth-parts

Female regal jumping spiders also have iridescent chelicerae but their body colours range from grey to orange.

Jumping spiders having 4 pairs of eyes, but one pair is particularly large

French wildlife photographer, Jordan Cadiot, caught the romantic spider in action in August 2015.

Some of the spider's dance moves resemble ballet

The courtship dance is an elaborate display of zigzag movements, and vibrations, in the hope that the female will assume a passive, crouching position.

If the female remains impressed with the male’s dancing, she will display her pedipalps and allow the male to climb onto her back and mate.