By Shannon Lane @Shannonroselane

WITH his crooked nose, large overbite and humped back, Tiny Cletus Spuckler was destined to a difficult start in life. The little dog was found shuffling on the streets of Los Angeles, with no clue where he may have come from

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Videographer / director: Summer Eslinger
Producer: Shannon Lane, Nick Johnson
Editor: Sonia Estal

Cletus' owners fell in love with him when they saw his photo

After being rescued by Best Friends Animal Society, the two-year-old dog stole the hearts of Mark Enrietto and Summer Esslingen in January of this year.

Mark said: “My girlfriend Summer found Cletus on Instagram because Best Friends LA posted about him and she sent me the picture. She basically told me to go to Best Friends LA right away and pick him up, which I did.

Cletus has overlapping teeth and an overbite
The couple dress Cletus up in a variety of outfits

“When I got there, I just fell in love with him and I’m pretty sure he fell in love with me too.”

This tiny dog has a big heart and gets along with the couple’s cats. Although Cletus himself has no problems with other dogs, some are a little unsure of him thanks to his strange appearance.

Mark was instructed by his girlfriend Summer to pick up Cletus from the rescue centre

Owner Mark said: “Cletus loves every dog but every dog doesn’t necessarily love Cletus. Because of his physical condition, some dogs just aren’t sure how to play with him, whereas some other dogs do know how to properly play with him and they’ll go around having a good old time.”

Cletus was found wandering the streets of LA
The little dog, whose heritage is unknown, has a very unique appearance

From monitoring what he eats, to taking him for necessary short walks, the couple adore Cletus and understand his unique needs.

His owner said: "We’re able to take Cletus on walks but because of his physical condition, we do need to make the walks kind of short.

Cletus has a wide selection of bandanas

We can walk around our cul-de-sac here for about 15 minutes or so before he’ll lie down and just sunbathe for the rest of the time.

"We do have to monitor his eating because of his crooked oesophagus; food is able to get backed up in his mouth so we’re only able to feed him dry food.”

The little dog has a big heart and loves other dogs

After falling in love with Cletus, the pair fully recommend adopting a dog, even if they look a little different.
They said: “You’re not only saving a dog’s life but you also could be saving yours.”

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