By Shannon Lane @Shannonroselane

IN A SCENE resembling a science fiction movie, an alien-like amblypygi, or whip spider, sheds its skin

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Videographer / Director: Jordan Cadiot
Producer: Shannon Lane, Ellie Winstanley
Editor: Marcus Cooper

The whip spider needs to moult as it grows larger

Found in subtropical regions, amblypygi are an ancient order of arachnids dating back to the Carboniferous period; over 300 million years ago.

The long, thin front legs are sensory organs and not used for walking

As of 2016, around 155 species of amblypygi have been discovered.

The whip spider is a pale green as it first emerges

The whip spider is distinctive in appearance with a legspan ranging from 5 to 70 centimetres, and large pedipalps to grasp prey.

Most species of amblypygi have eight eyes

Despite their intimidating appearance, they are harmless to humans and many people own them as pets.

There is a stark contrast between the old and new exoskeleton

Jordan Cadiot from Héric, France, captured his pet amblypygi moulting on camera over a span of an hour.

The moulting process can take a few hours

He said: "They are very strange, but beautiful too. When I saw my first one, I told myself, ‘They must be so interesting!', and I was right!

The intimidating spider is harmless to humans

"Even if they are nocturnal, and generally run to a dark place when they see light, it is exciting to observe moulting, reproduction, and hunting."

The moulting process is like a scene from a sci-fi film

When the whip spiders are young, they moult every two to three months, however as they grow to adulthood they may shed every three years.

The strange arachnid can have a legspan of up to 70cm

As they shed their exoskeleton, they emerge pale green, soft and vulnerable.

Luckily their new exoskeleton hardens over a few days.