By Shannon Lane @Shannonroselane

DESPITE her long curly tail and excellent climbing skills, this animal is neither a monkey or a lemur

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Videographer / Director: Justin Powell
Producer: Shannon Lane, Ruby Coote
Editor: Sonia Estal

Stella is nocturnal and sleeps during the day

Stella from Florida, USA is a kinkajou, a rainforest mammal native to Central and South America.

This exotic animal may not be your first choice for a pet, however it was for Justin and Samantha Powell.

The couple bought the mammal when she was 3 weeks old
Kinkajous have unique features

The Powell family bought Stella two-and-a-half years ago from a specialist breeder when she was just three weeks old.

Her owners say she is 'high - maintenance'
She is constantly getting up to mischief

Justin said: “It’s not like owning a dog or a cat, she is somewhat high maintenance, so there’s a lot of things to think about.

"She’s very rambunctious and energetic; we call her, ‘Our royal highness’”

Kinkajous are frugivores and Stella loves bananas
Kinkajous are known for their sharp claws which help them climb

The mischievous mammal is nocturnal and sleeps during the day, leaving her plenty of energy to climb and explore her owners' furniture.

Justin said: “Kinkajous don’t train very well, it’s a matter of letting her do what she wants.

Justin Powell said: "Stella thinks of Samantha and I as her parents"
Kinkajous have long tongues to eat nectar from flowers

"Stella thinks of Samantha and I as her parents, and our son is definitely a little brother to her, and they can annoy each other sometimes.”

Kinkajous are frugivores, and their diet consists mainly of fruit, with Stella’s favourite being bananas.


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