By Hannah Stevens @Hannahshewans

A VICIOUS dog attack broke this sloth’s arm in two places, but thanks to her rescuers she has been released back into the wild

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Videographer / director: Toucan Rescue Ranch
Producer: Hannah Stevens, Ruby Coote
Editor: Jay Sohrabi

Toucan Rescue Ranch workers named the sloth Tina

The sloth, named Tina by Toucan Rescue Ranch workers, was pulled from the jaws of several dogs by locals in Sarapiqu, Costa Rica.

The sloth broke two bones in her arm during a dog attack - the ulna and the radius

After calling wildlife authorities, the sloth’s rescuers contacted Toucan Rescue Ranch who brought her to Heredia, Costa Rica for treatment on October 31 2016.

Surgeons put an external fixation to help her bones heal

Just a few days later Tina had orthopaedic surgery to fix her broken radius and ulna. The surgeon attached an external fixation to the injured arm to help the bone heal and to regain use of her arm.

The pins were removed a few months later
Rescuers worked tirelessly to rehabilitate her injured arm

Tina had also suffered several dog bites so the staff gave her a strong dose of antibiotics and cleaned her wounds daily to prevent infection.

Tina also suffered from dog bites all over her body

After her pins were removed on February 23 2017, the staff began intensive rehabilitation therapy to help her regain her strength to return to the wild.

At first the the team helped her walk on the ground to force her to use her injured arm, and then they began putting her in different trees to encourage her to move around and find wild food on her own.

Toucan Rescue Ranch gave the sloth antibiotics to stop any infections
Tina's dog bite wounds were cleaned out thoroughly every day

A week before her release on March 24, Tina was fitted with a tracking collar so that the staff can track her progress in the wild.

Once released, Tina made a beeline for the treetops to embrace life back in the wild.

Sloths face many risks in the wild including a loss of habitat, electrocution from charged security fences, getting hit by cars - even on animal crossing roads - dog attacks and the illegal pet trade.

As soon as she was released Tina made a - very slow - beeline for the treetops

Toucan Rescue Ranch’s mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and, when possible, release Costa Rican wildlife.

The ranch was established in 2004 by Leslie Howle and Jorge Murillo as a rescue centre for toucans and other birdlife, but a chance rescue of a baby sloth in 2007 transformed the centre into a wildlife rescue.