By Shannon Lane @Shannonroselane

AN ANIMAL rescue centre in Arkansas is making a desperate plea to re-home Melody the pitbull before it is too late

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Videographer / Director: Tammy Swarek
Producer: Shannon Lane, Michael Muncer
Editor: Marcus Cooper

The sweet dog's wounds eventually healed

NovaStar Rescue Centre are hoping the power of the internet will help find this unlucky dog the loving family she deserves, before she is put down in less than a week.

Melody isn't good with small animals, but loves children

Melody’s story begins in January 2016, when she was found with no shelter, food or water, and just a heavy chain around her neck attached to a tree.

Due to her traumatic past, she has severe separation anxiety

Skinny, scared and freezing, the chain had been looped around her neck and padlocked together with a huge industrial lock.

Luckily the dog was found before it was too late
The chain was embedded in Melody's neck

Fortunately for Melody, she was freed from the tree by her rescuers, however the thick chain couldn’t be removed straight away as it was embedded deep into her flesh.

She was cautious with her rescuers at first

NovaStar Rescue owner Terre Wood said: "As soon as Melody realised the chain was no longer holding her to the tree, she made a beeline for my back car door which was open, jumped in, crawled up into the front seat and laid down.

Her wounds were extremely infected

"I hauled the chain in after her and piled it in the back floorboard, it was probably 20 feet long and very heavy."

Once Melody was given a light sedative, the chain was finally cut off her neck using bolt cutters and she was cleaned and medicated.

She was happily living with a family until unfortunate circumstances arose
The pitbull deserves a forever home

After a short time, the rescued pooch found a loving family and her abusers were sent to jail.

Unfortunately Melody’s bad luck hadn’t ended as, in March of this year, a neighbour shot her - narrowly missing her heart and lungs.

She was starved when the rescue team found her

This sweet dog’s family now have a new apartment which doesn’t allow pets, and once again she is looking for her fur-ever home.

The owner of of NovaStar Rescue said: "We are desperate to find Melody a place to go before some very hard decisions have to be made.

The chain was heavy. and attached with an industrial padlock

"We realise Melody needs a very special home with very special people but we are hoping that person is out there somewhere for her.

"Melody has lived through hell in her short three-plus years of life and she deserves so much better. She is a great dog who just needs some love and security and a safe place to go.”

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