By Shannon Lane @Shannonroselane

TWO creatives have discovered a unique angle for their dog portraits - underneath them

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Videographer / director: The Underdogs Project
Producer: Shannon Lane, Ruby Coote
Editor: Marcus Cooper

Tania entices the dogs to look at the camera with treats

Tania Ryan and Jason Kenzie, from Vancouver, have been at it again with The Underdogs Project to raise money for animal welfare.

All different breeds of dogs took part in the new shoot

This time around they’ve revealed their secrets to how they photograph the quirky canines.

Dogs volunteered from a local doggy daycare centre

Tania said: “We both not only share the love of pets but also photography, and while we were working on creating the first of these photographs it became clear to us that we needed to do something special with these photos to help raise funds and awareness for animal welfare.”

Hounds of all shapes and sizes had their photograph taken
Some canines were a little more awkward than others

To create the perfect Underdogs shot, photographer Jason lies beneath a strong sheet of glass, whilst Tania entices the model with treats.

And now the duo are raising the bar with their new shoot, featuring a wider range of dogs from a local doggy daycare centre.

The unique angle captured the dogs in a completely new way

From a Chihuahua to a German shepherd, each pooch had the chance to strike their best pose and show off their paws.

Jason explained: "The photography set-up took us quite a while, from the right balance of lighting, to creating a comfortable environment for the animals, and of course the camera settings.”

You can see the details of their paws from the unusual angle
Even the scruffiest dogs had a chance to be a model

However, the imaginative duo aren’t stopping here, and have plenty in store for the future.

Jason said: “There's going to be other projects down the road, we can’t say exactly what they're going to be, but we believe that they are as exciting as these Underdogs”

Tania's own pet dog, Rocky, made an appearance

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