By Emma Pearson @emma_pear

GIANT pit bull, Hulk, took the Big Apple by storm as part if his owner’s quest to make him the world’s most famous dog

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Videographer / director: Ruaridh Connellan
Producer: John Balson, Nick Johnson
Editor: Ian Phillips

World's biggest pit bull: Hulk is fast becoming a famous dog

The high-profile hound - who weights a whopping 12 stone – met hundreds of fans around NYC last month and even made a guest appearance at the offices of the New York Post newspaper.

Hulk was accompanied by his diligent owner, Marlon Grennan, and an entourage of three burly bodyguards to make sure excitable fans were kept at bay during his stint in the city.

Owner Marlon, 28, drove almost 300 miles from his home in the New Hampshire countryside for Hulk’s big visit to the city.

Big Apple: Hulk and Marlon enjoy some quality time together in the city

Marlon said: “Hulk is the world’s best traveller, the world’s biggest Pit bull, the world’s most famous dog.

“New York is definitely is like the ultimate representation of city and success - that’s really what success means to me.

Celebrity canine: Hulk travelled 300 miles for his city trip

“Right now that’s what life is about - living the dream. We got to spend the day with good people, spend the day in a beautiful city and see some fans.”

Hulk was the latest in a string of celebrities to visit the New York Post, and his presence did not disappoint the expectant newspaper staff.

Law and order: Hulk helps the NYPD keep the city safe

Dave Boyle, picture editor for the New York Post said: “It’s tremendous - he’s even larger and more brilliant in real life then he is in some of the pictures. It was really fantastic and we had a great time.

“We’ve had Jessica Alba, we’ve had Simon Cowell, and I think Hulk was better behaved.

“We got such a great reaction when he ran in the paper and when he was on the website that when we heard that he might be coming by, we were really pleased that he came to see us.”

High profile hound: Hulk was swamped with adoring fans

Hulk also spent a morning at the Cross Bronx Pet Shop, in the Bronx, where fans lined up to meet the prized pooch.

And between his public appearances and meet and greets, the gentle giant also managed to squeeze in a spot of sightseeing.

Crowds gathered as the canine A-lister took a turn around Times Square, soaking up the bright lights and gladly posing for photos with his adoring fans.

Concrete Jungle: Hulk took time out of his busy schedule for a spot of sightseeing

Marlon said: “Times Square was sheer chaos. You can’t make it five feet without circles of people around you.

“You can’t go anywhere with this dog - it’s like there is a crowd around us everywhere we go. It’s crazy.”

Marlon and his wife Lisa run Dark Dynasty K9’s, a breeding kennel on a 150-acre New Hampshire ranch that trains protection dogs.

American dream: Malon and Hulk took in the spectacle of Times Square

But his celebrity status has meant that Hulk is now the one in need of protection.

Marlon said: “I have worries any time I leave New Hampshire now - it’s something that’s come along with fame and celebrity.

Paws for thought: Hulk makes his mark on the Manhattan skyline

“You have to be protected all times. That’s why I roll with the security team, I roll with bodies and we’re just aware.

“Somebody could feed him something and try to poison him or somebody could try to shoot the dog or try to steal him.

“It’s better to be safe than sorry.”