By Tom Midlane @GoldenLatrine

The owner of the world’s biggest pitbull has described the pain of being flattened by the gigantic 175lb beast

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Marlon Grennan, 31, is the founder and owner of protection dogs company Dark Dynasty K9s - home of the world-famous pitbull Hulk.

During a recent training session at their HQ in snowy New Hampshire, Grennan was clattered by the giant dog, leaving him sprawled on the floor in serious pain.

He told Barcroft TV: “Taking a hit from the Hulk honestly feels like getting hit by a truck, and then getting bit-down on by a T-Rex.

"His bite force is hard to rival with the size and the power that’s inside of his head.

"I always know it’s going to be a crazy, painful experience when I train Hulk, even at low levels he’s a very intense dog.”

The exercise involves Marlon sitting on a chair in the full bite suit, with his arm outstretched as Hulk is let off his leash and launches himself on to the sleeve, knocking Marlon over backwards.

Marlon said: “We just wanted to keep him sharp and let him stretch his legs and keep him on point.

"He’s done a lot of standing around and having his photo taken recently, so I wanted to make sure he was still on his A game. People love his soft side, but I think he enjoys being a big dog from time to time and showing off the green Hulk that loves to smash things.

“The first two times weren’t too bad, although I did land on my head, but the third time I landed completely sideways and I actually squished one of my vertebrae.

“Hitting the ground it felt like something broke instantly, I knew I was going to need to see the chiropractor after that one and have a masseuse visiting my house for the next couple of weeks."

Colossal canine Hulk is back for a second season of Barcroft TV’s web series Dog Dynasty, which follows the exploits of Hulk and the other dogs in the DDK9 stable.

The success of series one catapulted Hulk into global superstardom, and the loveable giant now has his own literary agent, dog food brand and merchandise line.

Incredibly the first run of episodes have been viewed more than 150 million times.

Marlon said: “I owe everything I have to Hulk and this breed, he’s taken my life to new heights.

"I’m definitely amazed at how famous this dog is and how much he touches people.

"But the most important thing to me is how he breaks the stereotype of this breed, that’s so much of the reason I do this.”

The new season of Dog Dynasty features Hulk sizing up the teacup dogs and pampered pooches at a Manhattan dog event and taking receipt of a pimped-up $25,000 kennel for his pups.

Controversially, we also see Marlon unleash Hulk on his two young children, Jordan, 6, and Jackson, 2, as he looks for the next generation of DDK9 trainers.

And while Marlon hopes his sons can continue his legacy, he has no plans to give up training just yet - despite the pain that comes with being smashed by the world’s largest pitbull.

Wife Lisa, a fellow trainer, said: “Marlon will jump into the bite suit every chance he gets. I’ve worn the sleeve a bunch of times, but I’ll leave the suit to Marlon, I prefer something a bit more mellow. Marlon’s more of an adrenaline junkie."

Marlon added: “I’m most at home in the bite suit, this is my version of a suit and tie.

“I love to train dogs, it doesn’t scare me. Just because I got messed up one day, I’ll still be back in the bite suit the following day.

“Listen, if you’re scared of being hurt then you’ve lost. This is what I do: there is no fear."

Dog Dynasty season 2 launches Friday June 22 on Barcroft TV’s YouTube and Facebook Watch, with a new episode released every Friday.