By Shannon Lane @Shannonroselane

A CLUMSY zebra had a little trouble crossing the dusty plains of Tanzania and fell head-over-heels

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The territorial male ran at another male zebra in an attempted attack

The male zebra was horsing around in Ngorongoro Conservation Area and galloped towards another stallion to attack, but his plans fell short as he slipped and tumbled.

Stallions are known for being aggressive during mating season

Wildlife photographer Julia Sundukova witnessed the embarrassing fall and caught it on camera in January 2016.

The photographer was watching the zebra hoping to capture a fight between males

She said: “On one of the days during the hot afternoon, the zebras were resting in a dusty area with no water.

The running zebra slipped over on the dusty plains

"One male started to run like crazy, almost unpredictable, and was going to attack another one. But it was very dry and dusty and the poor guy did a somersault and was kicked by another zebra, instead of him attacking.”

The attacking zebra ended up being kicked by another

Zebra stallions are especially aggressive during mating season, becoming territorial and protective of mares.

The somersaulting male was lucky to not have a serious injury from his fall and quickly got up and ran in the opposite direction, presumably a little humiliated.

Luckily the zebra wasn't injured from his fall

The Moscow-based photographer said: “For a second while he was down I was worrying, he could have easily broken his neck! But then he stood up, looked in shock and continued to run in the other direction.

The zebra suffered a bruised ego and ran off in the opposite direction

"The tour guide and I were also in shock. He had never seen it before. I think it happened because of the dust, it made the ground slippery."